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open book

have always been fascinated by ‘what if?’. To satisfy my imagination, I began to write stories based on my what ifs.

So far, I have written a novella and two novels. In all three cases I imagined myself in the scenarios and then started the adventure in my mind and on paper.

The works are different and I believe the styles differ also.

My first manuscript, as yet unpublished, is the story of a young girl in 1820 who is abruptly stripped of all her loved ones and possessions and must survive as best she can. The impetus for writing this was a true story about my neighbor’s ancestress. When I began to delve into the history behind it, I immersed myself in imagining what those times – 1820s in south Georgia, which is still less populated and somewhat wild today – must have been like for any woman alone in that wilderness. I amassed quite a few images of the times. You’ll find them under the A SCHOOL FOR BUTTERFLIES link in the Books section of this site.

The novella came next. It was the direct result of being frustrated by not being able to interest an agent in my first work. It is a bit devilish and definitely a read for grown ups. I self published this small story – which is about the same length as THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA. You’ll find it on the Books page under TYPEWRITER FROM HELL. If you buy and read it, please give it a review on Amazon because even one review on Amazon boosts your book amazingly – even bad ones!

My most recent work is currently making the rounds of agents. I wrote this story from a man’s point of view. Why? Because that’s how it presented itself to me. I have since asked several men if they feel the premise is one they could relate to and the answer is – YES. However, a male agent told me it’s not how men think. We’ll see how that goes. The title is WISH ME ALIVE and you will find a description of it on the Books page.